Testimonials from Turkey Hunters Using The Decoy Sled

"I just had my first hunt ever and got a turkey within 2 hours thanks to the decoy sled. My dad had to call the turkey in twice because I had "turkey fever" and I couldn't hold the gun still the first time. It was a lot of fun!!! Thanks for letting me play with the decoy sled in your booth and making my first hunt a success. Can't wait to see you next year at the show and tell you all about it!"

- Matthew W.

"I bought the decoy sled from you at the Madison WI Deer and Turkey expo. This week I had a chance to try it in the Wisconsin turkey opener. I am pleased to report that the Decoy Sled coaxed in a 22lb. Tom. He presented me a 15yd shot, the picture tells the rest. Thanks again for a great product that works."

- Raymund R.

"Darrell, here is the picture of my buddy (Wade)'s first bird ever a jake. We used your decoy sled and a combination of soft calling and the sled (movement) that did the trick. Thanks for a great product."

- Tom B.

"I just wanted to send you some pics of my 5 yr old sons ,Lake Melton, first turkey he took while using the sled. Lake did some calling on a slate and was in charge of operating the decoy sled. With the help of the
sled we were able to coax two cautious jakes to about 16 yds. After a few nervous moments Lake made a great shot with his 20 ga and dropped one of the jakes at 32 yds. Thanks for a great product that helped to
make a great memory for me and my son."

- Corey M.

"We've been trying for a couple of years now to get [my hunting buddy Mark's sons] birds. The Decoy Sled made all the difference. It seriously could not have worked any better. It was like I had the long beards on a string as well. Both birds were killed at about 20 yards. We actually had four big Tom's close the distance from over 100 yards after they saw the decoy moving away from them. Hunter's bird was 21lbs with a 9 1/2 inch beard and 1 inch spurs. Logan's bird was 19 lbs with a 9 inch beard and super sharp 1 inch spurs. After our success everyone was very interested in the Decoy Sled."

- Mike B.