The Decoy Sled Wild Turkey Trophy Room

Want to get your bird on our Trophy page? We'd love to see what our Decoy sled has done for your Wild Turkey hunting. If you would like to know how to get your picture up, please email us.

Read what satisfied customers had to say about about their successful turkey hunts using The Decoy Sled.
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Paul Bolton with his Osceola turkey
Paul Bolton

Wild Turkey hunter, Levi

Wild Turkey hunter, Levi

Matthew's first wild turkey hunt was a succes with The Decoy Sled

Lake Melton gets his first turkey at the age of 5!
Lake Melton of Mississippi

Ian's wild turkey

Katelin's wild turkey

Darrell, Tim and George all had luck with the Decoy Sled
Darrell, Tim and George

Rick and his trophy bird
Rick Ekstrand

Max, showing off his wild turkey

Wade's first turkey, with help from The Decoy Sled

Aaron's 24 pound Tom

Mark's monster turkey

Ted's wild turkeys

Bill Damewood with his Osceola turkey
Bill Damewood

Mike and Marks huge wild turkeys
Mike & Mark of Kentucky

Hunter's great turkey hunt with The Decoy Sled

Brittney's had a blast on her first turkey hunt with The Decoy Sled

Raymund from WI hunts with The Decoy Sled

Proud turkey hunter Lake and his dad, Corey
Lake and his father, Corey

Jeff, wild turkey hunting in Argentina
Jerry Goff, Knockout Hunting Adventures
Turkey hunting in Argentina

Bryan and Deb, both with successful wild turkey hunts
Bryan and Deb

Hunter, wild turkey hunter
Hunter Mackenhausen

Dee, proud user of the Decoy Sled

Darrell, Tim and their beautiful wild turkeys
Darrell and Tim

Ed's huge bird and his turkey decoy on The Decoy Sled
Ed VaRossum

Three huge wild turkeys with The Decoy Sled
Aaron, Hunter and Mark

Mother and daughter Anne and Brittney show off their impressive turkey
Anne & Brittney